Meet St. Hildegard 

 Thursdays beginning June 15th from 1pm-3pm.

  If you miss any sessions, you will be able to view them on your home computer. 
Let Pastor Ann Marie know if you have questions or if you would like to join the class. 
Hope to see you!  This seven-session course

Hildegard of Bingen’s radical wisdom that holds timely perspectives on how we can heal ourselves, our fractured societies,
and our ravaged Earth in the 21st century.

   How acknowledging the Divine Feminine impacted Hildegard’s culture, and impacts our culture as we move beyond patriarchy as 
   a philosophy

   Mystic scholar Mirabai Starr’s guided group prayer to Hildegard, and how you can compose your own prayers to wisdom
    teachers who inspire you — accessing them as living allies on your path

   How becoming a Spiritual Warrior involves fostering harmony within yourself and the greater world

   The Green Man, an essential archetype for recovering the Sacred Masculine and for defending Mother Earth

   Creation Spirituality and how it can connect you to nature’s sacred elements

   How Hildegard’s eagerness to evolve and grow intellectually and spiritually — and her take on individuation — can help you
   overcome obstacles as you embrace your work in the world;

   How to create your own “I am” poem as an echo of Hildegard’s, exploring the divinity within;

   How to follow Hildegard’s example and teachings to integrate the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine into your life and

   Matthew’s (and co-author Rupert Sheldrake’s) discussion of Hildegard’s perspectives on angels, as laid out in their book 
   The Physics of Angels

   How to call in spirits and angels who are eager to assist you

   The ways Hildegard’s shamanic work can inspire you to access your own inner shaman

   Weekly meditations on Hildegard’s art and music

   Renowned teacher, Matthew Fox has wriiten on the life and work of  Saint Hildegard, a 12th century abbess—influential teacher,
   scientist, musician, artist, and mystic.  This seven session course will be viewed in the Workman lounge and we will meet on