Marvin Smith, Sexton


Generally speaking my ministry is, “To seek and to serve the incarnate God.” I look for the presence of Christ in everyone and everywhere and then I serve Christ by serving others.  Serving The Christ is my form of saying thank you to God who created us all and the world we are blessed to live in.  I see my ministry at Trinity as enabling lay ministry in multiple ways.

 I am so happy to be serving with you here at Trinity.  I have been ordained a Deacon since 2001.  I was called from Trinity Troy (my home church) and when I finished Deacon School the Bishop assigned me here for five years.  Then, I spent next the six years serving as Deacon at St. James Piqua.  Following a break from ministry, I was called to serve The I-75 Corridor.  The Corridor consisted of St. Mark’s in Sidney, St. James in Piqua and Trinity in Troy.   Then, for about the last year and a half I just served at St. James.  My recent call to Trinity came as a result of a mutual desire on the part of Rev. Nancy, the Vestry, Jason Leo, The Bishop, and me.  I am attracted to Trinity because I see so much life and growth here.  I see the Holy Spirit at work here and I want to be part of it.  I am here on a part time basis.

Our Leaders and Staff


                                                   The Rev. Nancy Howard Hardin's last Sunday at Trinity was June 28, 2020.  She is retiring and will be

                                                    spending time with her family, her elderly father in Illinois,  her husband's father in Indiana, and

                                                    and at some point in time when it is safe, traveling.                                        
                                                   Thank you for you service Rev. Nancy -- We will miss you and  wish you well.

         Rev. Nancy brings a varied background of service as an Episcopal priest. She was been a chaplain for twenty-five years in 
  various health-care settings.  Her initial experience was in hospice and also as Protestant chaplain at the Jewish facility in
  Columbus. Her last assignment was Chaplain at Mercy Urbana Hospital and Mercy McAuley Center for sixteen years. She also
  served as associate and supply priest at Epiphany Episcopal Church, Urbana, and as chair of the diocesan’s Affirmative Aging

       Professionally she has been involved as leader of the Urbana Alzheimer’s support group, has spoken at the American Society
  on Aging, and also has served as board member of their Forum of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging. She is passionate about
  spirituality and those with memory loss. Her initial profession was as an elementary teacher and early intervention specialist for
  special-needs preschoolers. She is a trained Spiritual Director and gives spiritual direction and leads retreats.
       She resides in Urbana where she lives with her husband, Ed, an extremely active layperson and the recently retired account
  manager for United Animal Health, Inc.  They are the parents of two grown sons, John and Paul, who “grew up” at The Diocesan
  Summer Church Camp at Procter Center.  She especially enjoys reading, traveling, and most especially spending time with her
       Vestry is led by Senior Warden Jim Beerbower and Junior Warden David Cobb.   Together they bring a wealth of strong
  experience and leadership in these positions.  Other vestry members include Jenny Anticoli, Deb Kappers, Kathleen Kirsch, Keven
  Kirsch, John Weikle, Mary Siegel.  
       We look forward to making a difference in our community through our ministries of Partners in Hope, the Torrence Fund, our
  partnership with Garden Manor, as well as being attentive to God’s leading in new ways to serve God’s people.

Wiley Smith, Organist


Char McClure, Parish Secretary


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                                        Our Senior Warden, Jim Beerbower, at 937-667-1988

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                                         Our Junior Warden, David Cobb, can be reached at 937-698-4708

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                                          Church Office:  8:30 am - 1:30 pm Monday through Friday.