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Generally speaking my ministry is, “To seek and to serve the incarnate God.” I look for the presence of Christ in everyone and everywhere and then I serve Christ by serving others.  Serving The Christ is my form of saying thank you to God who created us all and the world we are blessed to live in.  I see my ministry at Trinity as enabling lay ministry in multiple ways.

 I am so happy to be serving with you here at Trinity.  I have been ordained a Deacon since 2001.  I was called from Trinity Troy (my home church) and when I finished Deacon School the Bishop assigned me here for five years.  Then, I spent next the six years serving as Deacon at St. James Piqua.  Following a break from ministry, I was called to serve The I-75 Corridor.  The Corridor consisted of St. Mark’s in Sidney, St. James in Piqua and Trinity in Troy.   Then, for about the last year and a half I just served at St. James.  My recent call to Trinity came as a result of a mutual desire on the part of Rev. Nancy, the Vestry, Jason Leo, The Bishop, and me.  I am attracted to Trinity because I see so much life and growth here.  I see the Holy Spirit at work here and I want to be part of it.  I am here on a part time basis.

Our Leaders and Staff

                                                               Pastor Ann Marie studied at United Theological Seminary and received her Masters of Divinity
                                                             degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. She was ordained as a pastor in
                                                             The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 2001.

                                                             Her experience includes serving as a canon lawyer in the Roman Catholic Church in Cincinnati
                                                             and as a family mediator in southern  Ohio and Kentucky.  She has served as pastor to several
                                                             churches including St. Paul Lutheran Church in Warren, Ohio for 10 years.

 Pastor Ann Marie writes, “ What I love most about my vocation as a priest is being able to connect to all people in their uniqueness
 and diversity, and to live by the example of Jesus—who loves and welcomes everyone.  I do this by forming relationships with others,
 and by sharing the Gospel, preaching, and celebrating Baptism and Holy Communion.”

 NOTE: The Episcopal Church and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in American are in communion with one another and can share
 pastors.  Pastor Ann Marie will remain on the active ELCA roster in the Southern Ohio Synod; she is called to extended service in the
 Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.  Being the priest at Trinity, she will celebrate Episcopal Services out of the Book of Common
 Prayer.  That being said, we will all benefit from this diversity, and openness to learning from the best of the Lutheran Tradition.  In
 doing so we are reaching out to those of varying backgrounds within Troy and surrounding areas—Episcopalians, Lutherans, those of
 various backgrounds, or new to faith and church life!    Please visit Trinity Episcopal Church: God Loves You (No Exceptions).    



Wiley Smith
Music Coordinator


Char McClure
Parish Secretary


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                                        Our Senior Warden, Jim Beerbower, at 937-667-1988

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                                        Our Junior Warden, David Cobb, can be reached at 937-698-4708

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                                          Church Office:  8:30 am - 1:30 pm Monday through Friday.


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