Trinity has followed the Emergency Preparedness Template furnished by the diocese approximately.  We view the diocese  
                                    document a work in progress and as open ended.  We have addressed the following segments  at  least in part: 
                                    Natural Disaster, Health Emergency, and Active Shooter. We have attempted to  prioritize the areas that will make us a safer
                                    and more prepared church. We are a small parish so our buildings and grounds committee  took on the responsibility.

    A member of the Troy Fire Department has been through all our buildings on two occasions and given advice in this area.  We have 
    identified safe shelters in the event of severe weather and marked them with signage. We have a huge skylight in the sanctuary and
    it is imperative that we evacuate to areas to the leeward side of the building immediately.  Each of our buildings has multiple fire
    extinguishers in the event of fire immediate evacuation is necessary.  We have established our south lawn as our evacuation meeting
    place so that all can be accounted for.  We have updated a list of all emergency numbers and critical telephone numbers for our
    suppliers, utilities and contractors.  Copies are both on and off site.  In the event of a disaster of some sort our rector and senior
    warden are the designated officials approved to communicate with the media.

    HEALTH EMERGENCIES:                                                        
    Our parish currently consists of several people with healthcare training and experience.  They are as follows:
          1.  Two people who functioned as first responders for 34 years. 
          2.  One person who is studying to be a EMT and RN. 
          3.  One Full time RN. 
          4.  One nursing assistant. 
          5.  One Dietitian
          6.  One pharmacist. 

    A CPR class was held and all the above plus 4 additional members of the parish are certified.  While the certification is for two years,

    our plan is to conduct semi-annual refreshers.  

    We have two AED stations. One is located in the church ambulatory and the second is located in the Parish Hall. We have purchased
    new and upgraded our First Aid Kits.  One is located in each of our four buildings. In early 2019, we established a Healthy Ministry
    Committee who have collaborated with our Emergency Preparedness Committee. They were instrumental in upgrading our first aid

    kits and providing inservice training to our parishioners.  We are training our ushers on procedures for activating EMS (911) in the
    event of an emergency.

    In March of 2019 we held a 2 hour meeting with the parish and Sgt. Marando from the Miami County Sheriff’s Dept.  The event was
    well attended and his presentation provoked many questions and meaningful discussion. The theme was “Run, Hide, Fight”. 
    More usher training in this area is planned in the future. Being aware of individuals or groups displaying strange or unusual behavior
    and being aware of your closest exit are critical. Immediate contact with law enforcement with facts and details is important. We do
    not have any members of the parish who have the tactical training that would allow us to have volunteer armed guards.  We are open
    and interested in how other churches have addressed this. We see increased media coverage on this matter.

    We have installed a security system that involves 8 cameras which monitor activity to or from all four buildings which make up the
    church campus. There is a monitor in the administration building that records activity on a 24 hour basis. There is a camera and
    security lock system on the door of the administrative building. Access can be granted only from the interior of that office.  

    As stated earlier, this is an open ended process and should not go away. While much remains to be done, we feel we are safer and  
    better prepared to handle emergencies.