12 Step Programs

           Notice:   March 19, 2020

                                All AA meetings held at Trinity have been cancelled until further notice.

                       If you need help or have questions, please call the Area AA Office:   937-222-2211

  Trinity Episcopal Church has a dedicated 12-step room used only for this purpose.  The schedule of meetings is listed below: 

  All groups meet in the 12-step room, which is the south room of the building on the west side of the sanctuary.

  The Friday night 7:00 pm NA group meets in the Parish Hall, which is the building on the east side of the sanctuary, closest 
  to Dorset Road. Use south door.

  AA - RED 

  NA - BLUE  

  ALANON - GREEN         

  SUNDAY:                 NA at 5:00 pm                       AA at 7:00 pm              

  MONDAY:                AA at 11:00 am                    NA at 12:30 pm                    ALANON at 8:00 PM

  TUESDAY:               AA at 11:00 am                     NA  at 6:30 pm                          

  WEDNESDAY:        ALANON at 11:00 pm           NA at 12:30 pm                    AA at 8:00 pm

  THURSDAY:            AA at 11:00 am

  FRIDAY:                   AA at 11:00 am                    NA at 12:30 pm

                                                                                  NA at 7:00 pm   (THIS GROUP MEETS IN THE PARISH HALL)