60 South Dorset Rd.

     Troy OH  45373


​​​​Trinity Episcopal Church

​​Trinity Episcopal Church

Who We Are

Trinity Episcopal Church was founded in Troy, Ohio in 1831 and met on the second floor of the new courthouse until 1835      when the small congregation opened its doors at their new church on the corner of East Franklin and South Walnut.  Trinity thrived and grew.  In 1955 it was decided a new location was needed and plans began for construction at our present location at 60 South Dorset Street. 

We are a part of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, which was officially founded in 1875 and is now home to more than 25,000 people in Southern Ohio.  We are part of a larger, global community.  The Episcopal Church has its roots in the Church of England, also known as the Anglican Communion.  There are about 2.4 million Episcopalians in the United States and more than 70 million Anglicans worldwide.

We use the Book of Common Prayer in our worship service.  The first Book of Common Prayer in 1549 allowed us to celebrate the mass in English.  Even though our prayer book has been revised many times, our current Book of Common Prayer reflects a tradition dating back centuries.

  • We are liturgical, meaning we pray together following the Book of Common Prayer.

  • We are sacramental, meaning we receive the real presence of Jesus in the form of bread and wine (communion).
  • We are evangelical, meaning we believe the bible is God’s word for all people. 

Trinity's mission statement is to offer Christian community for the realization of God's presence through worship, relationship, and outreach. 

Trinity’s parishioners promote active outreach within the church but have historically provided vital leadership and initiative in programs and

mission within Troy and the Miami County region.


  The Episcopal Shield

  The  Episcopal Shield, was adopted in 1940 as the symbol for the

  Episcopal Church in the United States of America. The shield

  brings together some of the Episcopal Church’s history, and offer

  a brief history lesson through its design.

  The Episcopal Church was founded in 1789 as a separate group from the mother         
  Church of England, from which the churches in the colonies were separated by the
  American Revolution. The red white and blue colors are the colors of the American
  flag. Many of the founders of this nation, including George Washington, were 
  Episcopalians. The white field with a red cross is the cross of St. George, the patron
  saint of the Church of England (and incidentally the colony of Georgia). This
  remembers the Episcopal Church’s roots in the Church of England. There are nine
  miniature crosses on the field of blue symbolizing the nine dioceses that met in
  Philadelphia in 1789 to ratify the initial constitution of the Protestant Episcopal
  Church in the United States of America. The crosslets are formed as a x-shaped cross
  of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. This remembers the Scottish Episcopal
  Church’s important role in our history as it was their bishops who ordained Samuel
  Seabury as the first American Bishop in 1784.

  The colors each have a symbolic meaning: Red is for the blood Christ shed for us 
  and for the lives of the martyrs of our faith; White is the color of purity; Blue is the
  traditional color of the Virgin Mary, the mother of the Son of Man.