The Sunday Forum is led by Bill and Marina Shaw. 

The purpose of the Forum is to build community within Trinity and beyond.  The Forum is informal.  People
come together to share fellowship and good "energy" with each other.  There is a weekly email sent to 35
people  (if anyone wishes to be on the email list, please contact Bill or Marina) to remind people of the
topic for Forum.   Weekly attendance at Forum varies from 8-15 people.  The Forum meets in the Workman Lounge because of space and less interference on Sunday mornings. 

The Forum begins each week with a few minutes of silence, a time to collect thoughts and focus on our time together.  There are general announcements of events in the church and in the community.  People share information about their lives and families. Participants are invited to share a few short stories of "religion in the news" for the week.  After these introductions, the Forum focuses on the weekly topic for discussion.

Topics covered in Forum change and most are discussed for a 4 - 6 week duration. 

Please check out Facebook page on Saturday for the topic Sunday.

S u n d a y  F o r u m  

   January 23, 2020

   Greetings to all—-

   I am sending a link below for the keynote address given today in Boston on the occasion of MLK Day by Bishop Curry.  He is an   
   amazing speaker—-rather like Dr. King.  His speech, which he emphasized was not a “sermon” but a keynote address, was filled
   with Biblical scripture, inspiration, humor, truth.  He said that the organizers of the event emphasized over and over that he was
   NOT to give a sermon—-so he gave a “keynote address”!  

  Hope you enjoy.  Share some comments if you wish.


Bill and Marina Shaw