The Sunday Forum is led by Bill and Marina Shaw. 

The purpose of the Forum is to build community within Trinity and beyond.  The Forum is informal.  People
come together to share fellowship and good "energy" with each other.  There is a weekly email sent to 35
people  (if anyone wishes to be on the email list, please contact Bill or Marina) to remind people of the
topic for Forum.   Weekly attendance at Forum varies from 8-15 people.  The Forum meets in the Workman Lounge because of space and less interference on Sunday mornings. 

The Forum begins each week with a few minutes of silence, a time to collect thoughts and focus on our time together.  There are general announcements of events in the church and in the community.  People share information about their lives and families. Participants are invited to share a few short stories of "religion in the news" for the week.  After these introductions, the Forum focuses on the weekly topic for discussion.

Topics covered in Forum change and most are discussed for a 4 - 6 week duration. 

Please check out Facebook page on Saturday for the topic Sunday.

S u n d a y  F o r u m  


   January 6, 2020

   Hello Friends,

   It has been 2 months since our last Sunday Forum gathering.  We are missing our Sunday morning fellowship and wonder how others feel. 

   If you wish to continue Forum, perhaps there is a different time and place that will better fit your needs.   Maybe we rendezvous at Tim Horton's
   and enjoy our coffee together---Jim Sleeper has excellent "connections" and he can probably reserve best seats in the house!  

   Regarding topics for Forum ---it is always challenge to identify topics that "fit" the criteria of linking religion, church and social concerns in our  
   community, nation and world.  There are no simple answers.  But, we can listen to each other and share our best thoughts.  We can plant seeds
   for action, whether at home or church or in the world.  Case in point---in the weekly prayers at Trinity, we often pray for peace in the world and
   we pray for our "island home" and we pray for our neighbors.  We pray about welcoming the strangers into our midst.  Should we do more to
   address these very important issues than simply saying words on Sunday morning?  This has been the focus of Sunday Forum---to plant seeds for
   new ideas, to raise complex issues, to see the "big picture" of the world.  

   Let us know if you wish to continue Sunday Forum.  If not, also please let us know.  Thanks.

  Happy New Year-- 

  Bill and Marina

Bill and Marina Shaw

     60 South Dorset Rd.

     Troy OH  45373


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