October 13, 2019

    Sunday Forum will meet at 9:15am, Workman Lounge, Sunday morning.  Hope to see you there.   

    Topic for week:  In Search of Truth 

   For the last 3 weeks, we have been talking about climate change and the connection with religion and local church.  This week, I want to
   continue the topic but from different perspective.  How do we know what to believe about climate change as well as many other important
   issues of our time?  Our news is filled with reports from "research studies" on every topic, supposedly conducted by experts, who report clear
   and final results.   Only problem---many research reports give opposite results about the same questions.   After time, and with enough reports,
   many people feel a sense of limbo.  Who do we believe?    Do we select the reports that best suit our personal beliefs and consider the other
   reports as "fake news"?  Do we listen to only our preferred news sources or favorite politicians for final answers?  Do we simply "tune-out" and
   not listen to anyone?  

   This is a major problem of our times. It is the root of our divisiveness.  What does religion have to say about this?

   See you Sunday morning! 

         P.S.  I appreciate feedback from folks---whether you plan to attend, whether you have topics you would like to cover in Forum, whether you   
         prefer different format for Forum, whether you simply like to enjoy quiet Sunday mornings with cup of java and the newspaper!  Thanks.

Bill and Marina Shaw

​​​​Trinity Episcopal Church

​​Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Episcopal Church

​60 s. Dorset Rd Troy OH 45373



     60 South Dorset Rd.

     Troy OH  45373


S u n d a y  F o r u m  


The Sunday Forum meets most weeks at 9:15 am on Sunday morning.  It is led by Bill and Marina Shaw. 

The purpose of the Forum is to build community within Trinity and beyond.  The Forum is informal.  People
come together to share fellowship and good "energy" with each other.  There is a weekly email sent to 35
people  (if anyone wishes to be on the email list, please contact Bill or Marina) to remind people of the
topic for Forum.   Weekly attendance at Forum varies from 8-15 people.  The Forum meets in the Workman Lounge because of space and less interference on Sunday mornings.  Don Crist, former Methodist minister, has been assists with Sunday Forum. Big thanks to Don for his support and help.

The Forum begins each week with a few minutes of silence, a time to collect thoughts and focus on our time together.  There are general announcements of events in the church and in the community.  People share information about their lives and families. Participants are invited to share a few short stories of "religion in the news" for the week.  After these introductions, the Forum focuses on the weekly topic for discussion.

Topics covered in Forum change and most are discussed for a 4 - 6 week duration. 

Please check out Facebook page on Saturday for the topic Sunday.