An Evening Prayer Service is held here at Trinity every Wednesday evening throughout the year.  The service is based on the prayers of the Iona Abbey Worship, Iona being the island off the west coast of Scotland, a place of ancient Celtic Spirituality and a cradle of Christianity in Scotland.

This service was begun at Trinity by a former parishioner, Catherine Reed, who was attending workshops at Procter.  It was her desire to bring the Celtic tradition here with its deeply rooted belief in Trinity. In 2012 she accepted a career transfer to Michigan which gave me the opportunity to continue her efforts. 

The service on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm is attended by faithful Christians seeking a mid-week spiritual devotion and usually numbers between 4 and 9 participants.  It is 20 minutes of quiet prayer, the three daily Lectionary readings plus Psalm, a homily of the "Saint for the Day" listed in Holy Women Holy Men, and Prayer Requests.

The service is followed by a fellowship opportunity in the Parish Hall.  We enjoy conversation and refreshments.

 Please join us for evening Prayer on Wednesday nights.  It is an excellent discipline no matter the season of the Church calendar.

A Prayer from Iona Abbey Worship Book by the Iona Community 2000

Now that evening falls, gently fades the light;

Moon replaces sun and day takes leave of night.

Gratitude we raise for the day that's gone

And for the love that stays till dusk is kissed by dawn.

To the Maker's care we in faith commend

All we love and long for, all we still intend.

Glory be to God, glory to the Son,

Glory to the Spirit, ever Three in One.

Wednesday Evening Celtic Prayer