Trinity Episcopal Church

​60 s. Dorset Rd Troy OH 45373


60 South Dorset Rd.

Troy OH  45373


​​​​Trinity Episcopal Church

​​Trinity Episcopal Church


​​Trinity Episcopal Church


All are welcome to be a part

of our worship, fellowship,

and mission.

We are handicap accessible.


Sunday Mornings        10:30 am: Worship Rite II

                                        9:15 am:  Sunday Forum

Wednesday Evening        7:00 pm:  Celtic Prayer Service   

Diocese of Southern Ohio
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The Rev. Nancy Howard Hardin, Priest

Trinity Church offers Christian community for the realization of God's presence through worship, relationship, and outreach.  

In silence clear your mind and let your heart recognize the One who has come with the light, the One whose light it is. He is speaking to the skies and to the world, proclaiming awful truths, naming all the damage—the death and disease, the abuse and waste. He speaks sharply of how the world is, and you weep to hear this truth. You weep to mourn all those who have suffered in every time and place. You weep out of relief that Jesus, Son of God, has confirmed all the trouble and anguish you have felt. Your own pain is real. You have suffered, too. He proclaims this truth without hesitation.

Then listen as his words change, and the brightness grows. Now he speaks of mercy, forgiveness, and restoration. He speaks words to heal. His voice sends waves of fresh air across skies and seas, and you can feel humanity and all creation respond with lifted faces, open hearts. Let your heart and mind be filled with hope --- as we renew the message of His coming.  Excerpts of a meditation by Vinita Hampton Wright  Arts and Faith: Advent.   website: